a hall filled with torches.. sacret rite words echo through

drums interrupt at every new page.. the fire turns green, blue.. and orange.. just for the thrill of it..
it then winks somebody with its firey whiskers..and the hooded one slowly comes closer...
listen to me.. the fire buzzed in its ears.. Listen very carefully..
and the man gets closer.. the Fire grabs the eye lashes and gone they are..

Now go back, and hear about the very last page..
the man pulled his hoody so his face could not be seen..
suddenly the room wend darker.. and the fire changed its color again..
it was a mix of black soot and bright white..
the darkness engulfed everybody..
and only a very constrained light was existing around the fire..
a door opened.. and man with a sword stood and screamed...

did you really read all this text ?

Part of The Hood

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